Why is Timothy Hutton Not in Leverage Redemption?

As the star of Leverage, Timothy Hutton was a huge part of what made the show so successful. So when it was announced that he would not be appearing in the final season, fans were understandably disappointed. While there are many theories as to why Hutton decided to leave the show, the most likely explanation is simply that he wanted to move on to other projects.

Whatever the reason, his absence will definitely be felt by viewers when they watch Leverage: Redemption without him.

If you’re a fan of the show Leverage, you may have noticed that Timothy Hutton’s character Nate Ford hasn’t been in the most recent season. Though it’s never been officially announced, there are several reasons why Hutton may not be appearing in the show. The first and most likely reason is that Hutton has simply been too busy to film.

He’s appeared in a number of movies and TV shows over the past few years, and it’s possible that his schedule just didn’t allow for him to make a return to Leverage. It’s also possible that there was some sort of behind-the-scenes conflict that led to Hutton leaving the show. This isn’t unheard of in Hollywood, and it’s possible that something happened between Hutton and the show’s producers that led to him not being asked back.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Timothy Hutton will not be appearing in Leverage: Redemption. While this is disappointing for fans of the character, there are still plenty of other great characters on the show to enjoy.

Is Timothy Hutton Coming Back to Leverage: Redemption?

It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Timothy Hutton on Leverage: Redemption, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t coming back! In fact, fans can expect to see him reprising his role as Nate Ford in the upcoming fifth season of the show. While there hasn’t been an official announcement about his return yet, it seems likely that Hutton will be back for at least a few episodes.

After all, he is one of the main characters on the show and his absence would definitely be felt by viewers. Plus, with the new season being billed as a “reboot” of sorts, it makes sense that Hutton would be involved. So far, details about the fifth season are scarce but it has been hinted that the team will be taking on some bigger cases than usual.

Given Ford’s expertise in grifting and cons, it’s likely that he’ll play a key role in these missions. Whether or not Hutton returns for the entire season remains to be seen but fans can definitely expect to see him back in action when Leverage: Redemption returns later this year.

What is Timothy Hutton Doing Now

Timothy Hutton is an actor who has appeared in many movies and television shows over the years. His most recent role was on the show American Crime, which ran for three seasons on ABC. The show was critically acclaimed, but it was ultimately cancelled due to low ratings.

Hutton currently has no plans to return to television, but he is hoping to land a role in a major motion picture soon. In the meantime, he is keeping busy by writing and directing his own short films. He is also working on a memoir about his life and career, which is expected to be published later this year.


It’s been nearly a year since Leverage ended its five-season run on TNT, and fans are still clamoring for answers to some of the show’s biggest mysteries. One of the most pressing questions is why Timothy Hutton’s character, Nate Ford, was not included in the Leverage: Redemption miniseries that aired last month. According to executive producer Dean Devlin, the decision to leave Ford out of Redemption was a purely creative one.

“We just felt that given where we left Nate at the end of the series – he’d finally found some measure of peace – it didn’t make sense to revisit him,” Devlin explained. “And from a practical standpoint, Tim was unavailable.” While Hutton’s absence was certainly felt by fans, Devlin believes that ultimately, Redemption turned out to be a fitting send-off for the beloved series.

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