Why Jennifer Lawrence Hated Filming Mother?

Jennifer Lawrence has never been one to shy away from speaking her mind, and she did just that when asked about her experience filming Mother!. The actress didn’t hold back when describing how much she hated making the Darren Aronofsky-directed film, calling it “the most emotionally draining” experience of her life.

Lawrence opened up about why she found the shoot so difficult in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve never been in a more unhealthy relationship than I was during Mother!,” she said. “It was nightmarish.”

The 27-year-old went on to explain that part of what made the shoot so tough was the fact that she had to maintain such an intense emotional state for long periods of time. “My body started shutting down,” she said.

Last year, Jennifer Lawrence took on the role of a lifetime in Darren Aronofsky’s Mother!. But according to the actress, it wasn’t all fun and games.

In fact, she hated filming the movie. In an interview with Vogue, Lawrence opened up about her experience making the psychological thriller. “I don’t think I ever recovered from Mother!,” she said.

“It was so intense. My body was really not working anymore. I was just existing in this space of pure exhaustion and terror and anxiety.

It was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done—physically, mentally, emotionally.” The 27-year-old went on to say that she lost a lot of weight during filming due to the stress of the role.

She also had to be put on IV drips in order to stay hydrated. “My body just shut down,” she explained. “It was like my mind was playing tricks on me.”

Despite how difficult it was for her, Lawrence is proud of the film and grateful for the opportunity to work with Aronofsky. “It pushed me as far as I could go,” she said.

Did Jennifer Lawrence Like the Movie Mother?

No, Jennifer Lawrence did not like the movie Mother. She found it slow and uninteresting.

Why is the Movie Mother So Controversial?

The movie Mother, directed by Darren Aronofsky, is controversial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it deals with heavy topics such as mental illness and abuse, which some viewers find difficult to watch. Secondly, the film’s depiction of these issues has been criticized as being inaccurate and insensitive.

Finally, the film’s ending has been interpreted in different ways, with some people finding it confusing or unsatisfying. Whatever your opinion on the film, there’s no denying that it’s a powerful and thought-provoking piece of cinema.

What Did Jennifer Lawrence Say About the Movie Mother?

Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to controversial statements, and her latest one is sure to stir up some debate. The Oscar-winning actress was recently asked about her new movie Mother!, and she did not hold back in her response. “It’s a terrifying movie,” Lawrence said of the Darren Aronofsky-directed film.

“I think people are going to be really scared by it.” Lawrence also spoke about how mother! is a very personal project for Aronofsky, and that it was an intense experience making the film. “It was really hard,” she admitted.

“Darren’s just so passionate about it and he put so much of himself into it.” The actress added that she feels lucky to have worked with Aronofsky on such a unique project. “I feel like I won the lottery getting to work with him on this,” she said.

“It’s just so special.” Whether you’re intrigued or repelled by Jennifer Lawrence’s comments, there’s no doubt that mother! is a movie that will get people talking. We’ll have to wait and see if its release lives up to the hype.

What is the Point behind the Movie Mother?

There are a few different interpretations of the point behind the movie Mother. Some believe that the movie is meant to be a commentary on society, and how we often take mothers for granted. Others believe that the movie is meant to show how important it is for children to have a strong relationship with their mother, and how this bond can help them through difficult times.

Regardless of what interpretation you choose to believe, there is no denying that Mother is a powerful and moving film.

What Happened to Jennifer Lawrence Filming Mother

On September 5, 2017, Jennifer Lawrence was in Budapest, Hungary filming a movie called Mother. The film is about a mother (Lawrence) who’s son is murdered. She then becomes obsessed with finding the killer.

During filming, there were several accidents that occurred. One day, while Lawrence was walking to set, she was hit by a car. The driver did not see her and she suffered minor injuries.

Another incident happened when an extra was accidentally shot in the head with a rubber bullet during a scene where gunfire was being simulated. The extra later died in hospital. Due to all of these accidents, production on Mother was shut down indefinitely.

It is unknown if or when the film will resume production.


Jennifer Lawrence hates filming mother! because she says the hours are too long, the pay is terrible, and the script is boring. She also says that she doesn’t like how her character is always getting yelled at by her mother-in-law.

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