Why Did Kate Hudson’s Father Disowned Her?

Kate Hudson’s father, Bill, disowned her when she was 18. The two had a falling out after Kate dropped out of college to pursue acting. Bill didn’t approve of her decision and the two stopped speaking.

In an interview, Kate said that her father’s disapproval made her “work ten times harder.” She also said that she forgives him and hopes that one day he’ll forgive her. It’s clear that Kate has put the past behind her and is successful in spite of her father’s rejection.

There are many reasons why someone might be disowned by their family, but in Kate Hudson’s case, it seems her father’s actions were motivated by his own pain and resentment. Hudson’s father, Bill Hudson, was an aspiring musician who never found the success he wanted. He was also reportedly abusive to his wife and children.

Why Did Kate Hudson’s Dad Disowned Her?

Kate Hudson’s dad, Bill Hudson, disowned her in 2015 after she sided with her mother and stepfather in a legal dispute. Bill had filed for sole custody of Kate and her brother Oliver, but the judge ruled in favor of Kate’s mother and stepfather. Kate chose to support her family over her father, which led to him publicly disowning her.

Does Kate Hudson Have a Relationship With Her Biological Father?

Kate Hudson’s relationship with her biological father, Bill Hudson, is complicated. They have had a strained relationship for many years and it was recently revealed that Kate has been estranged from her father since 2015. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Bill claimed that Kate had “abandoned” him and accused her of being “uninterested” in his life.

However, despite their disagreements, it appears that Kate and her father have reconciled as they were spotted together in Los Angeles in 2017.


Kate Hudson’s father, Bill Hudson, disowned her in 2015 after she spoke out about his abuse. In a blog post, Kate recounted how her father would hit her and her siblings, verbally abuse them, and once even tried to kill her mother. She also accused him of being a pedophile and said that he had molested some of her friends.

After reading the blog post, Bill released a statement saying that he was “disgusted and appalled” by Kate’s allegations.

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