Why is Jeremy Irons Not in Lion King?

When it was announced that Disney was making a live-action adaptation of The Lion King, fans were excited to see who would be cast in the iconic roles. While many of the actors chosen were perfect for their parts, there was one role that seemed to be a perfect fit for Jeremy Irons – but he wasn’t cast.

Why is Jeremy Irons not in The Lion King?

There are a few reasons why Jeremy Irons wasn’t cast as Scar in The Lion King. For one, the actor has said that he doesn’t like to do voice work, and Scar is a character who requires a lot of vocalizations. Additionally, it’s been speculated that Irons simply didn’t want to do another Disney film after his experience working on The Jungle Book 2 (which was infamously troubled).

Whatever the reason, fans will have to wait to see Jeremy Irons take on a live-action Disney role – if it ever happens.

There is no clear answer as to why Jeremy Irons was not cast in The Lion King. It is possible that he was not available for the role, or that the filmmakers simply felt that another actor would be a better fit for the character of Scar. Regardless of the reason, it is undeniable that Jeremy Irons is a talented actor who would have brought something special to the role.

Who Does Jeremy Irons Play in the New Lion King?

In the new Lion King, Jeremy Irons plays Scar, the brother of Mufasa and uncle to Simba. Scar is a villainous character who plots to kill his brother and nephew so that he can take over the Pride Lands. Jeremy Irons did an amazing job portraying this character and brought him to life on the big screen.

Jeremy Irons Lion King Interview

In a recent interview, Jeremy Irons opened up about his role in the upcoming live action remake of The Lion King. He spoke about what it was like to work with director Jon Favreau, and how he approached the role of Scar. Irons also discussed the challenges of working with such iconic characters, and how he hopes that the new film will be able to capture the magic of the original.

Overall, it sounds like he had a great time working on the movie and is excited for fans to see it.


In the original Lion King movie, Jeremy Irons voiced the character of Scar, Simba’s uncle who killed his father and took over as king. However, in the upcoming live action remake of the film, it was recently announced that Chiwetel Ejiofor will be playing Scar. So why isn’t Jeremy Irons reprising his role in the new Lion King?

There are a few possible reasons. First of all, Jeremy Irons is now 67 years old, and while he could still easily voice a character like Scar, it’s possible that Disney felt they needed someone younger for the role. Additionally, it’s been nearly 25 years since the original Lion King was released, and many of the people working on the new movie weren’t even born when it came out.

It’s possible that they simply wanted to give a fresh take on the character with a new actor. Whatever the reason may be, we’ll definitely miss Jeremy Irons’ portrayal of Scar in the new Lion King. But we’re excited to see what Chiwetel Ejiofor brings to the role.

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