Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Say Sorry to Matt Damon?

This is a question that has been on my mind for a while now. Why does Jimmy Kimmel apologize to Matt Damon at the end of every show? It’s not like Damon did anything wrong.

In fact, he’s one of the most successful actors in Hollywood.

Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Say Sorry to Matt Damon?

There are a few theories out there as to why this is. One theory is that Kimmel and Damon are actually good friends and that the apologies are just part of their inside joke. Another theory is that Kimmel owes Damon a favor because Damon once saved Kimmel from being fired from his job. Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that there’s some history between these two men.

Jimmy Kimmel has been saying sorry to Matt Damon for years, and it’s become something of a running gag between the two. But why does Kimmel apologize to Damon so often? It all started back in 2008 when Damon was supposed to be a guest on Kimmel’s show, but he was bumped due to time constraints.

In response, Damon made a hilarious fake video where he took over the show and held Kimmel captive. This kicked off a long-running feud between the two, withDamon regularly making appearances on Kimmel’s show to prank him. As part of their ongoing joke, Kimmel frequently ends his show by apologizing to Damon for bumping him or for some other made-up reason.

It’s all in good fun, and it’s just one more way that these two friends like to poke fun at each other.

Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel Wedding

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon’s “wedding” was one of the funniest moments on television. It all started when Kimmel promised Damon that he would be the best man at his wedding if Damon agreed to be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for an entire week. Of course, Damon agreed, and Kimmel kept his promise – sort of.

The “ceremony” took place on live TV, with Kimmel donning a white dress and veil, and Damon in a tuxedo. The officiant was none other than Guillermo Rodriguez, Kimmel’s sidekick. After exchanging vows (and some hilarious insults), Rodriguez declared them husband and wife.

The two then shared a very passionate kiss – much to the delight of the studio audience. This moment was made even funnier by the fact that it was actually Damon’s real-life wife, Luciana Barroso, who planted a big kiss on him afterwards! Kimmel and Damon have been poking fun at each other for years now, and this “wedding” was just another example of their great sense of humor.

It was also a great way to promote Damon’s new movie, Downsizing.


In his monologue last night, Jimmy Kimmel joked about how Matt Damon is “the only person in Hollywood” he’s had to apologize to. He then showed a clip of himself from last year saying sorry to the actor for running out of time during their interviews. Kimmel explained that he made the joke because he and Damon are friends and they often make fun of each other.

He also said that he didn’t mean any offense by it and that he hopes Damon will forgive him.

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