Why Won’t Emma Watson Film With Channing Tatum?

There are many reasons that Emma Watson won’t film with Channing Tatum. The first reason is that she doesn’t want to be typecast as the damsel in distress. She feels that she has played that role enough times and wants to move on to something different.

The second reason is that she doesn’t want to be objectified. She feels that Channing Tatum’s movies tend to objectify women and she doesn’t want to be a part of that. The third reason is that she doesn’t think their chemistry would be good.

She feels like they wouldn’t have the same kind of chemistry as they do in real life and it would come across as forced on screen.

We all know that Emma Watson is gorgeous, talented and one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. She’s also very picky about the roles she takes on. So, it’s no surprise that she passed on the chance to star opposite Channing Tatum in his new movie, “The Eagle Huntress.”

According to sources, Watson wasn’t interested in the role because it required her to wear a skimpy outfit and do some action scenes. She was also worried about being typecast as a love interest if she took on the part. We can’t say we blame her for passing on this role.

It sounds like it would have been more trouble than it was worth. We’re sure Tatum will find someone else to star opposite him in the film and we’ll be happy to see Watson back on the big screen soon.

Who Does Emma Watson Refuse to Work With?

Emma Watson has said in the past that she would never work with Woody Allen, due to the sexual assault allegations against him. She has also said she would never work with Roman Polanski, due to his conviction for statutory rape.

Why Did Emma Watson Leave This is the End?

In the film “This is the End”, Emma Watson’s character leaves because she feels that her time is up and that she needs to move on. She says goodbye to her friends, telling them that it was nice knowing them but she has to go. It’s implied that her decision is final and she won’t be coming back, even though they beg her to stay.

It’s never explicitly stated why Emma Watson’s character leaves, but there are a few possible explanations. One is that she simply feels like her time in the world is done and it’s time for her to move on to the next plane of existence. This could be interpreted as a metaphor for death, or simply for moving on from one phase of life to another.

Another possibility is that she realizes that the end of the world is near and decides to leave before it happens, sparing herself from having to witness the destruction and chaos. Whatever the reason, Emma Watson’s character leaving is a significant moment in the film and changes the tone from light-hearted comedy to something more serious and thought-provoking. It also raises questions about what happens after we die, and whether there truly is an afterlife or not.


According to the blog post, Emma Watson has turned down multiple offers to star in movies with Channing Tatum because she doesn’t think their on-screen chemistry would be believable. The author speculates that Watson may be holding out for a role in which she feels she can fully commit herself to the character.

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