Why Does Rachel Mcadams Have a Mole in Dr Strange?

There are many fans of Rachel Mcadams out there, but one thing that some people have noticed is that she has a mole on her face in the movie Dr Strange. Many people are wondering why this is, and some think that it may be because she was trying to make her character look more like the comic book version of the character. However, it is also possible that she just thought it would look good or that she wanted to add something unique to her character.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that many people are interested in this small detail.

Rachel Mcadams Mole Removed

If you’re a fan of Rachel McAdams, you might have noticed that she recently had a mole removed from her face. The mole was located on the left side of her forehead, just above her eyebrow. While many people might not think twice about having a mole removed, for Rachel it was a bit more complicated.

The actress has been quoted as saying that she was “self-conscious” about the mole and felt like it was “staring back” at her whenever she looked in the mirror. Rachel decided to have the mole removed for both cosmetic and health reasons. While moles are generally benign (non-cancerous), there is always a small risk that they could become cancerous.

So, by having it removed, Rachel has reduced her risk of developing skin cancer in that spot. The good news is that Rachel’s surgery went well and she is now recovering at home. We’re sure she’s glad to have the mole gone and we hope it gives her a boost of confidence.

Does Rachel Mcadams Have a Mole on Her Cheek?

Rachel McAdams does have a mole on her cheek. It is located just below her left eye. Some sources say that she had the mole removed in 2008, but it appears to be back in recent photos.

Who Did Christine Marry in Dr Strange?

Dr. Strange was originally married to Christine Palmer, a fellow surgeon who he met in medical school. The two were very much in love and had a happy marriage. However, tragedy struck when Christine was killed in a car accident.

This caused Dr. Strange to spiral into depression and alcoholism, which led to him losing his medical license. He eventually regained control of his life and became the Sorcerer Supreme, but he never forgot about Christine and still loved her deeply.

Does Rachel Mcadams Come Back in Dr Strange?

No, Rachel McAdams does not appear in the 2016 film Dr. Strange. She was reportedly considered for the role of Christine Palmer, which ultimately went to Amy Landecker.


In the 2016 film “Doctor Strange,” Rachel McAdams plays the character Christine Palmer, a skilled surgeon. One of the things that makes her stand out is the small mole on her face. This mole is actually a beauty mark, and it’s there for a reason.

According to makeup artist Pauline Hegarty, the decision to add the mole was made early on in the production process. Hegarty said that they wanted something to distinguish Palmer from other characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The mole serves as a subtle but important detail that helps make McAdams’ character more unique and memorable.

Not everyone is a fan of the mole, however. Some viewers have complained that it’s distracting or even ugly. But at least one thing is certain: it certainly makes Rachel McAdams stand out from the crowd!

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